AlbaExoticFruit S.A

We are the leading Albanian international trading company in agro-industrial, logistics, and commercial activity; mainly banana .

We supply healthy products, of high nutritional value and excellent sensory characteristics. Thus we contribute to satisfying the food necessities , through efficient processes, competitive human resource, social and environmental responsibility, and adequate infrastructure.

We integrally accompany the producers and guarantee, to our customers and consumers, the accomplishment of market demands and national and international regulations.

We strive for the sustainable development of shareholders and producers, the wellbeing of our employees, and the progress of the communities where we operate in Albania.


We have a reputation to live up to, so AlbaExoticFruit is committed to always providing you with the purest, safest bananas grown with the least impact on the environment. We are able to offer a full line of fresh high quality products.

Alba Exotic Fruit - Rruga : Enriko Telini - ish Kombinati Tekstil Tirane - Albania

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